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Artist Statement

The study of anatomy and life drawing was considered the backbone of an illustrators education at Harrow College of Art in my time there, and I’ve specialised in figurative illustration ever since.

I feel privileged to find myself able to make my living from 'playing with paint' each day’- what a hoot!

Fashion, beauty and 'live event drawing' have become my main source of earnings over the last few years, and I continue to enjoy working closely with a wide variety of clientele and media.

My work has evolved massively over the years as I continue to experiment with materials and develop my style, so I’m intrigued to see what happens next.


And then Covid hit!


But, at the same time I discovered the delights and challenges of Drawing Cabaret Couture. Every week this inspirational creative team have brought us new delights from the ‘ kingdom of indulgence’ that is Couture fashion. As my studio piles higher and higher with the resulting drawings, I am struggling to find space to carry out my commercial work, which fortunately in some ways hasn’t let up since March.

In addition to the creative encouragements given through these online sessions, we have all had opportunity to feel connected to a worldwide fashion art community, each from our own isolated studios as we snatch two blissful hours of intense experimental drawing.