I’ve always been a traditionalist when it comes to illustrating fashion, although I have always loved experimenting with materials and have changed my style slightly over the years to suit each client. I’ve always considered commerciality to be my strength and  love working with clients to find a unique style to suit their customer but during this strange pandemic time I found myself with more time on my hands as less commercial work was appearing and of course ALL of my live events were cancelled! (About 25% of my work)  


I’d been yearning to do more experimental work for a while but with the pressure to keep earnings up to cover outgoings I could never justify what felt like pure self indulgence!


I discovered Drawing Cabaret Couture back in March 2020. 

I’d seen their London sessions advertised and wanted to attend but the 2 hours on the train, couldn’t quite tempt me!

So the online drawing sessions opened a whole new world . 

Living rurally, my connection was really quite bad that first time- but I was already hooked and desperate to do more. I’ve always attended life drawing but could manage going to Brighton sessions once a month at the most. I believe as a fashion illustrator it is vital to understand the form and to see how fabrics fit and drape the body.


Drawing Cabaret Couture sessions take me further than purely referencing the body/clothing fit and due to the fabulous styling and art direction push me towards creating ‘fashion art’.  I have found new excitement in my work and cannot wait for each Thursday to come around- sometimes visiting both sessions as you get quite a different feel between the day and evening, whether it be mood or lighting.