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I am a traditional illustrator, specialising in hand drawn techniques. My work is ever evolving as I like to experiment and try new things. I love to use all types of media from graphite, charcoal, watercolour, inks, oils to collage and mono printing just to name a few. However, recently I am enjoying the unpredictability of watercolours and how they transform when dry.

I work as a Freelance Illustrator part time, as like most creatives, we are often juggling more than one job at a time! I trained at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion and this is where my love for Fashion Art was born. I have worked on private commissions throughout my artistic career, taken part in exhibitions in London, New York, Shanghai and currently showing in Miami. 

I regularly attend Life Drawing classes as I believe it is vital to draw from life. I was  fortunate enough to have been introduced to Drawing Cabaret Couture at their live event at The Mayfair club earlier this year when we all had a somewhat “normal” life, but as the world had different plans, the creative world took to the virtual world like a storm. This has been THE silver lining for me, attending 3-4 life/high fashion drawing sessions every week! The DCC sessions have been fantastic, with such thought and time taken in the art direction, poses, couture designs and endless energy each and every week, pushing me out of my comfort zone. Huge THANK YOU to the marvellous DCC!

I am hugely passionate about the art of drawing itself which comes from my obsession with the original Fashion Masters of the post-war era who oozed stylistic draftsmanship, something I aspire to perfect daily. I am a firm believer that Fashion Illustration is a true art form in itself and am optimistic about a revival of Fashion Illustration in mainstream media. I was given a huge nod when asked to illustrate the cover of the Space NK magazine, which opened a number of doors and brought me many exciting commissions, one of which will be announced in the next few days!  So please do follow me on Instagram @isherdhiman to keep posted on my creative endeavours. 

Looking forward to illustrating live again in 2021. Open to collaborations and commissions.