From Fashion campaigns to elaborate concepts for Film & Photography, together we fuse our artistic expertise to bring a creative designer’s vision to reality. 

All of our concepts that we have previously created for clients have been turned into memorable drawing classes for artists and are available to book as a live drawing class virtually online or as an experience.

Why not enquire to our full list of themes and classes that we have created at Drawing Cabaret Couture and book us at your next event. 

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The Hourglass” is IA London's 2nd collaboration with Janet Mayer and Matthew Lawrence of Drawing Cabaret Couture,

“We’re delighted to collaborate with IA London for the 2nd time, exploring our creative dialogue in-depth with a new direction and fresh creative vision.”


JANET MAYER & MATTHEW LAWRENCE, Drawing Cabaret Couture co-founders.

The pandemic made us reconsider what’re the important things in life and what do we choose to spend our time on. IA London’s Fall 2021 “Hourglass” sharpens this reconsideration, by limiting the time to “as long as the Hourglass ticking. The narrative, divided into three episodes, presented through the perspective of Ira Iceberg,IA London founder and designer, whose family was affected by COVID-19, sharpening designer’s feeling of impermanence. Each episode is corresponding with designer that hold personal significance for Iceberg - Margiela, McQueen and Kawakubo - and titled, respectively:


“The One Woman Show” - no audience and

almost no models runway show, “The Hourglass (Transformer)” - after Alexander McQueen's and Nick Knight’s “The Bridegroom Stripped Bare”; and “My Freedom Comes From Art” - proposing an extension to Rei Kawakubo’s “My Energy Comes From Freedom”. The entire campaign is shot using iPhone.


Choreography- Janet Mayer of Drawing Cabaret Couture

Set Design - Matthew Lawrence of Drawing Cabaret Couture

Makeup Designer- Lan Nguyen Grealis

Hair-  Efi Davies, International Artistic Director TONI&GUY

Photography- Matt Leeves 

Fashion, Art Direction and filmmaking - IA London 

Please Note. All of our concepts are available to book as a virtual online drawing class or as a live class or experience.




Drawing Cabaret Couture shoot the brand new SS21 Collection IA London

“Drawing Cabaret Couture is thrilled to join creative forces with IA London for their SS21 Campaign. We felt that the raw and emotionally expressive oil painted set design (by Matthew Lawrence) and authentic choreography (by Janet Mayer) would perfectly complete IA London’s artistic vision, bringing the story to life.” 

JANET MAYER & MATTHEW LAWRENCE, Drawing Cabaret Couture co-founders.

“The Girl Who Collected Memories” is a story of an imaginary character Rei. Amidst a Global Pandemic, as many of us, Rei feels insecure and out of control, like a leaf taken by the wild stream. To confront this feeling, she collects family photos of the people she never met and wears them as her clothes. Bringing her the feeling of belonging to the extended global family, these photos become her “armour“ protecting and empowering her. Her sense of Togetherness is growing like a flower.

IA LONDON’S S/S2021 Campaign emerges from the context of a Global Pandemic. Proposing her point of view, designer Ira Iceberg symbolically uses light backgrounds, to oppose the darks, and silver-coated textiles as a base for the photographic prints, to emphasise their symbolic “armour” meaning. Iceberg also continues exploring the relationship between the body, form and image.


Set design- Matthew Lawrence

Model - Janet Mayer

Film- Morgan Tedd

Photography- Matt Leaves

Hair- Indira Schauwecker Toni & Guy

Please Note. All of our concepts are available to book as a virtual online drawing class or as a live class or experience.





Drawing Cabaret Couture shoot the brand new concept film 'ROOKED' for The Virtual Alternative Hair Show 2020 Anne Veck Salons

'ROOKED.' A 3 dimensional world shattered into a million black and white pieces litter and fill the rolling hills of Shropshire. Horses run wild and models hang from trees, contorting into shapes of morphed masked shadows as oil paint drips from their fingertips. Slender high fashion skywalkers rule and roam the fragmented fields of a Huxley dreamscape.’ .

We are proud to present a brand new film & concept created by Matthew Lawrence and Janet Mayer of Drawing Cabaret Couture. In collaboration with Anne Veck for the 2020 VIRTUAL ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW.

The restrictions brought about by the pandemic meant the Alternative Hair Show and Visionary 2020 could not take place in the same way they have done since 1983. Instead the show took on a new format!

Hairdressers and creative teams across the globe including Drawing Cabaret Couture creating 

their presentation film with the brief of 'imagination'. Taking part in the First Virtual Hair Event, IMAGINE which was shared live on October 11th 2020.


Pulling strong influences from an American Horror Story, Vogue, Cabaret and Tim Walker, ‘ROOKED’ includes some of DCC's most influential creatives in the dance and fashion industry.


Concept & Art direction- Janet Mayer & Matthew Lawrence of Drawing Cabaret Couture

Set Design Matthew Lawrence of Drawing Cabaret Couture

Models- Janet Mayer, Ami Benton, Jordana Rev

Film- Kassandra Powell

Photography Erica Von Stein

Hair- Anne Veck 

Hair assistant Sylvain Gagliardi

Makeup- Mélodie Briere 

Please Note. All of our concepts are available to book as a virtual online drawing class or as a live class or experience.

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Drawing Cabaret Couture create Haute Hanger an original performative drawing class and concept 

A drawing concept created in January 2020 which wowed the London drawing scene and quickly sold out, proving an all time favourite of our life drawing classes held at DCC.


Created by the directors Janet Mayer & Matthew Lawrence, 'Haute Hanger' is a completely unique and original concept created to challenge and inspire the artist with suspended aerial puppet poses and high fashion influences. Haute Couture designs  from two of our all time favourite designers Hellavagirl and the ingenious shoe maker Natacha Marro.


'Haute Hanger' pulls strong influences from the fantastical world of Tim Walker and was filmed and photographed by an incredible team.


Concept & Art direction- Drawing Cabaret Couture

Set design- Matthew Lawrence

Model- Janet Mayer

Film- Kassandra Powell

Photography- Magic Owen

Please Note. All of our concepts are available to book as a virtual online drawing class or as a live class or experience.


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